A Day in the Life

Preston ship outHello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been on her in a while, and my only attempt at returning in Feb was a mediocre food post. Again, I apologize. Since my fiance left for Air Force boot camp, it’s been difficult for me, and you may be thinking, “How could it be so difficult that you couldn’t still write?”. Well, I had to move back in with my parents due to me not having a car, and then we had to move in with other family in West Texas so they could find better jobs. It’s been stressful, and uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t write for a while. I love my family though, and I’m not saying my discomfort with this situation was all of it, because it’s subsiding as the days go by, but my missing Roibien was.

At one point, he was thinking about getting out because we thought his recruiter and his superiors were lying to him about being able to be with me. I was relieved at first because he would be coming home soon and we would find a way to do this without the military, but that relief was short-lived. Worry set in, and as soon as I hung up with him I wished I could call him back and tell him to stay in. But of course, you can’t do that. I told him I would support him no matter what his decision, so I prayed for God to show him the right way to go. I knew we were supposed to do this because it was the only way we were going to get out of where we were, the only way we were going to start our life out good. Every night for a week I prayed for that, and on Saturday he called and said he was staying in and that everything was going to be okay. I would be able to be with him.
I got a letter from him yesterday that said, “I’m so excited, SO EXCITED, to marry you when I see you. I want to do it the first day I see you, I don’t care what’s going on, that’s when it’s going down :) . I can’t wait to marry you because then I can literally say you’re all mine. MWAHAHAHAHAHAA! Lol ;) I love you so much.”
Isn’t that sweet? He cracks me up so much, all the time. Another thing I thought was sweet and funny was that one of the reasons he wanted to stay in was to give me my kitchen. You all know I love cooking, and I haven’t been able to cook like I want since most of the time we’ve been together. I LOVE THAT MAN!!!
He is also making me a Valentine’s Day present, but he said it’s going to be super late because he can only work on it on Sundays. I’m so excited, I have no idea what it could be. A picture? That’s all I can really think of, and that would be cool if it is, but kind of screwed up because I can’t send him any pictures. :/I am drawing a picture of our rings in the middle of a big heart with wings and I’m going to try to make it as realistic as possible. I’ve been drawing on and off since I was five, and I think ya’ll saw the lion I drew him for his birthday. He’s better than me because he learned all about it in school and I’ve just been playing with it mostly, so he’s teaching me haha.
Also, I’ve been thinking about writing the words to a song either around the Air Force logo  or in the shape of a heart. Here’s the song, and I think it captures military life so well. It is “Wait For Me” by Theory of a Deadman.

So, I foresee me posting regularly again. I’m starting to write better on the second installment of “The Dark Chronicles”. I hope you all enjoyed the first one, because this second one is going to be a really doosie ;) .
~ Alexis -_^


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