Fantastical Fridays!

Fantastical Fridays is a new thing I’m starting, and I think I’ve only done one before. It’s basically a review on my week, noting anything specific that happened or is about to that I think is ‘Fantastic‘. Although, there will be times I must admit to things that weren’t so fantastic either. Just comes with the territory.

As of today, there are only 26 days left until I leave for Lackland Air Force base to marry my baby :). Yay!!! I miss him so much!

Last weekend, I went to get my eyes checked, get glasses and contacts. Well, if you’ve ever been to an eye check-up, you remember that machine that shoots a puff of air at you, right? Well, they didn’t have that here. Instead, they had this little plastic stick with a tiny ball on the end of it. Now she told me what she was going to do, and the only thing that kept me from flat-out refusing was thinking of the look on my mother’s face. So, the girl put this stick in this handheld contraption, put it close to my eye, pushed a button, and poked me in the eye. I’ll say it again, this girl just poked me in the eye with a stick. Then she did to the other one. Twice, I was poked in both eyes because my eyelids were inadvertently fighting against this thing. You probably think she poked me on the white part, right? No, because if she had it wouldn’t have been a big deal. That part isn’t as sensitive as let’s say, my iris. When I walked out, I told my mom I was pressing charges for patient abuse… the look on her face. 😀

I would have put on here that it was fantastic to get my glasses and contacts on Thursday like they promised, but that didn’t happen. Next week, sometime, hopefully that will be on here. I’m pretty sure my mom was so bored she was almost drooling on the floor when I was looking at glass frames. I’m kind of picky (just a little;) ), and I kind of have a decision-making problem too, so yeah… haha. Anyway, I was trying to find a pair that not only complimented my face and were the right size for my eyes (they’re kind of big), and finally decided on this pink pair that all but disappeared when I put them. Awesome! Or, I mean, it will be awesome when I get them ;).

I have finally started writing again! Yay! The all-powerful juices have finally started flowing down my Mountain of Creativity. I am so happy.

The fact that it’s Friday is fantastic in and of itself. It means that the weekend is mere hours away, which means I will soon be hearing from my love, and will hopefully be getting a letter today too (they usually come near the end of the week). Actually, this weekend is going to be busy for my family and I, as we’ll be leaving super early tomorrow to go to a birthday party down near Austin. We’ll be spending the weekend in Round Rock and I’m pretty happy about that. The birthday is for my little one year old cousin, whom I have yet to meet yet :).

Hope you all have a Fantastical Friday!

~ Alex -_^



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