Military/ Menu Mondays: My New Name

Husband and Wife March 22, 2013Yes, I know my hair looks crazy, but I didn't have time to fix it after the morning mist so it was all poofy lol oh well ;)

Husband and Wife March 22, 2013
Yes, I know my hair looks crazy, but I didn’t have time to fix it after the morning mist so it was all poofy lol oh well ;)

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I am Sabrina Giles, and I can’t wait for us to embark on our new journey together! I wanted to start this blog because, well, everything else happening in my life was new, so why not this! Haha, really though, I wanted to start this blog for several reasons, the most important of which was to make a habit of writing most every day, advertise my upcoming novels, showcase my skills for my Freelance career, and show off the life of an Air Force Wife. For more information on what to expect from this blog, you can check out “The House of Giles” page!
I just got back from a four day weekend starting on Thursday for my husband’s graduation from Air Force BMT. I tell you, I was so nervous about how it was going to go, with all the events going on the first two days, the hour to hour and a half it was supposed to take to get the marriage license and JP done, and how insanely busy everyone was saying it got there because of the graduation. I was soooo worried something would go wrong and we wouldn’t be able to get married that Friday. We had to get married that day, or it was going to mess up everything because I would have to wait even longer to move with him. Thankfully however, everything was amazing and 20 times better than I thought it was going to be (except the mist kinking up my previously straightened hair lol) :) . I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I thought we were going to get married in some stuffy courtroom with a boring judge and that’s it, but we ended up outside the courthouse in the beautiful sunshine in front of a beautiful fountain with flowers and little waterfall accents all around. Beautiful :) .
Oh! And did I mention that the marriage license itself was gorgeous? I had no idea they looked different depending where you were, but man am I happy I got a pretty one.
Saturday, we enjoyed walking around across the street from the Alamo (it was way too crowded to get in in a timely fashion), looking at all the shops, and then after a tasty Mexican food lunch, we headed over to IMAX Theaters to see The Wizard of Oz. If you would like to hear about how the movie went, just wait for my upcoming review of it! ;)
Well, all in all, this was an awesome AWESOME weekend. Preston found out he’s going to be a Weatherman‘s Apprentice, which was not something either of us expected, to be honest. At first thought, you wouldn’t look at that and think, “Wow, what an awesome job!”, but in reality it’s quite a prestigious rate (Military speak for job). His tech school is longer than even the Intelligence rates’, altogether taking about two years to complete. He was looking it up online, trying to find out more about it, and it said it was ‘critically manned’ which means extremely important. Yay!
He’s on a plane right now on his way to Keesler AFB, MS where he’ll be until about August or longer, leave for about a year to year and a half, and then come back for several more months. ;) I on the other hand, have to wait at least a month before I’ll be able to join him there, but with all the things our JP did with starting some of our military papers, I’m hoping that month will be cut in half. I am so excited to finally have him back in my arms again (even though I just left him yesterday), and this time for good :) .
Before leaving, I just wanted to show off something I drew him a few weeks before we officially tied the knot.
Cross with Wings for Preston2Cross with Wings for Preston
I hope to see you all next time!
~ Mrs. Giles


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