Sensational Saturdays: Crafts

Well, I know I didn’t post on either Thursday or yesterday, but I’m making up for it today. I just didn’t have enough material and I was a little busy taking skill tests all day on my memberships to three freelance sites ;) .
So! What to post about today… Well, I have been telling you about how crafty I am and how soon I’m going to be posting all kinds of that stuff on here to possibly sell. How about I give you a little peek at what’s to come? I thought you’d like that ;) okay here we go!
(Just a heads-up, these are examples, even though I may make things that are similar.)
Wreaths – 4e2c953f9356953f4885692aaeebf490 31064e0f5b188595df0b899ad517d79b
Quilling – 5d6ddd31a16c0fa8186b2905554268bb fc39f120d80028a7b1ee370619231b6f
Crochet/Knitting – 9beba4d95aacd5edcd361cde86d3b998 134d8750e5f228c8844727a6a318a069
Sculpting – aeeb080a93e170e8008abac51c81baed f73f4a715b7c2df78864eaa92f20e21e
This is all I’m going to show or tell about what’s to really come in this department. You don’t want me to spoil the surprise do you? All will be revealed in due time, my friends ;) Until then, I hope you’ve liked this little peek.
~ Mrs. Airman


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