The Return of of Aleix Cain, now Mrs. Shadows ;)


Hello again everyone! I know I said I was starting another blog, but well, I just couldn’t leave you guys! Ya’ll are so great to begin with, and secondly, I realized I didn’t really have to start a new blog to do all the new things I wanted to do. I can do everything I want and need to do from right here! I can’t believe I even tried to start that other blog, but it’s not like I did very much on it anyway because it only lasted what, a couple weeks? So, I just thought as my first post back in a while that I would catch you up on a few things.

I married the man of my dreams, Roibien Shadows, who is also an Airman in the U.S. Air Force (pictures will be posted below). Being away from him all this time is extremely hard and causes me excruciating pain sometimes. Staying out of depression, no matter how slight, is often a battle. There are some couples who can do well apart and not so well when together all the time, there are some who are okay either way, and there are some who would rather be together than anything else. We are the latter. This is the first time and the longest time we’ve ever been away from each other, so bear with me if I sometimes seem morose :/. Our separation is going on three months now, with one weekend on his BMT graduation when we got married.

The military has really been jerking us around here lately and we are getting very fed up with it. Some things have gone according to plan, but others have not, like the fact that he can only see the people to talk about getting me moved down there into a house on Thursdays right after he gets out of school. Almost everything closes either as soon as he gets out, or right after to where he’s having to rush to make it on time.

Something happened just last weekend that is really messing us up and pissing me off sooooo bad (excuse the language). A bunch of the Airman there who had been there longer than Roibien and were allowed to drive decided to go out, get drunk, and get stupid. There were a ton of tickets and all kinds of crap. Well, Roibien and his entire building didn’t get in trouble at all. They‘re not allowed to drive, leave base, or anything. So why are they getting punished?

Yes, you heard correct… an entire building of good recruits are punished. Their commanding officer is punishing everyone, giving them curfews on the weekends, making them do drills and making it exactly like BMT again for who knows how long. They are also not allowing Roibien or his building full of good Airman to phase up to where they can have more privileges like driving, leaving base, or even moving out of the dorms to live on base with their wives like we’re trying to do.

Now, I understand punishing them if someone in their squadron, flight, or whatever does something like that. With the number of things that happened that weekend I understand even punishing those guys’ entire building, but why punish Roibien’s building? They have nothing to do with those other guys. Nothing! This is RIDICULOUS and is definitely crossing the line. This is not right by any means or reasoning that they can give. It really boggles my mind on how they can justify their judgement in doing this, going this far. Just because that building of guys were idiots doesn’t mean that my husband’s building will be.

I could absolutely go on forever about this, because part of me thinks that if I can just keep turning it over in my mind, it might make sense, but I know the reality. They are taking advantage of these recruits and it is sad and cruel. The military is over-manned, so they’re kicking people out over the simplest of things, but if you want to get out voluntarily you can’t do it unless you want a psychological discharge on your record for the rest of your life (which makes you look like you were too nuts to stay in). If they really wanted to make room, you’d think they’d make it easier on themselves and make it easier to get out. That way, they wouldn’t be keeping the ones that don’t really want to be there and kicking out the ones who do want to be there but made a simple mistake. Oh, and by the way, if you choose a job or are given a certain job and you fail the course you will also be kicked out instead of being put on another job. -_-

The system is all screwed up and honestly it makes me kind of scared, because I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and if I get down there, we get set up, and something stupid happens that gets us kicked out… haha these are just the thoughts that are rattling around in my mind presently.

Okay, but anyway, enough of all the depressing stuff. I’ve brought a lot of things back with me that I’m excited to share! There are going to be several new things appearing on this blog that I know we will all enjoy.

When I do ever get down there to my house, I will be starting my crafting and posting it on here for you guys. There will be a ton of cool stuff I’ll be offering, because I’ll also be selling this stuff too if it’s popular enough.

I have added a Nerd/Geek section to my posts as well, which will be most often be appearing in my “Wednesday Word Knowledge” posts. They are now called “Wednesday Word/Nerd Knowledge” posts.

I’ll still be posting recipes of awesome food on here, and as soon as I get my kitchen back I’ll be posting pictures of my personal cooking.

Game and Movie reviews have been added to the reviews I’ve already been doing on books.

I’m still trying to break into freelance writing, so I might post some things on that as well.

I’ll be talking about my experiences as a new military wife, as well as any military news I think you would be interested in.

Oh yeah! Here’s a couple pictures of us on our wedding day :).

I know my hair is crazy but it poofed up after the morning mist and I didn't have time to fix it before the ceremony. Oh well lol

I know my hair is crazy but it poofed up after the morning mist and I didn’t have time to fix it before the ceremony. Oh well lol

IMG_2142 IMG_2746 IMG_6430

Well, I think this is a pretty good first post back, so I think I’ll leave on a happy high note.

Write on!

~ Alex


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