A Challenge, Blog Tour, and a Giveaway! Oh My!

Everyone likes free stuff, right? RIGHT??!! Good, I’m glad you agree because here are a few things going on right now and a few starting soon.

For “Ensuing Darkness” (Print Copies Only)


Challenge: Get five people to purchase “Ensuing Darkness”, and YOU win a free copy of its upcoming sequel “Currently Untitled” for free!

Directions for Proof: You and your five buyers must take a serious/funny/wacky picture with “Ensuing Darkness” and send them in a private message to me on my Facebook page Alexis Cain Books. Also tell me the dates of each purchase so I can check for validation.

Blog Tour for Ensuing Darkness

~No Dates Yet~Sign-ups are open~

Giveaway for Signed Hex Hall Series!!!

That’s right! You could win the ENTIRE series of Hex Hall. SIGNED!!!

What do you have to do to have a chance at this amazing opportunity? Just click here.


Your thoughts?

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