Work, Work, Work

Hey guys, this is just a quick post before I head off to work.

I just got a new job and it seems it and everything else I already had on my plate is making it harder for me to work writing into my schedule. Haha, I guess I still haven’t gotten to the point where I become one of those sleepless writers yet. 🙂 Yeah, I still love my sleep a little too much right now (gotta look good for the new job right?), but don’t worry, I’ll get over it. ;P

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that my Blog Tour to celebrate Ensuing Darkness’ new cover is in the final stages of being set up and will start on June 24th! Yaaaaayyyy!

I still have a few spots open, so anyone who’s interested in participating can just leave a comment below or hit me up at my email: alexiscain20 [at] outlook [dot] com!

Okay gotta split! See ya later! Stay calm and write on!

~Alexis -_^



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