Tirade on a Monday

Okay, so today is definitely a good day for a tirade. Yesterday was absolutely terrible, stressful, and now today I’m getting more of it from stupid WordPress!!! I am a writer. I need to do giveaways for my books and others’ books when I participate in blog tours. I can’t do that because WordPress doesn’t support Rafflecopter, which is the most-used program for giveaways. Soooooo, I’m forced to move away from WordPress, whom I’ve loved since the beginning because of the wonderfully close networking of the blogs, to Blogger, whose networking isn’t near as nice the last time I was there. Hopefully though, now that I’m going back and I know they’ve done some remodeling to their programming, it will be better.

Also, this disaster forces me to “come out” to you wonderful people who don’t already know. I’m not really “Alexis Cain”. I used that pen name as a test to see if I could make it in the published author world, to see if I was ready for everyone to know that this is my work. Well, I think I’ve done pretty good so far, and therefore I reveal to you the name I’ll be using from now on.

Sabrina Giles.

I’m still in the process of converting this blog and all posts over to Blogger, but you can still go over there and follow me here. I’ll be posting over there from now on so if you want to get in on the giveaway you need to go to the new site.

I want to apologize to all the new people who followed and liked this blog. I didn’t figure all this frustrating stuff until just yesterday, so again I do apologize, but my new site will have a lot more to it than this one ever could. I had already been planning about switching over, this just caused it to happen faster than I’d planed, haha. My new site is called “Giles Fine Arts” and is full of surprises that will be revealed all in due time. I hope I didn’t inconvenience anyone by doing this, and I hope you all switch over to continue following me and supporting me in this rough journey of mine. And of course I hope you switch over to join the giveaway!

You all are amazing and I love you!

~Alexis/Sabrina Giles


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