Labor Day and My Early Birthday!!!

ImageHello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I apologize. Things with me seem to be either too hectic for me to talk about, too personal, or just too boring for me to come up with anything interesting to say.

In all honesty, I know I’ve been blogging on here for a while, but sometimes I still grapple with knowing what is and what isn’t too much to share with (forgive me) complete strangers. That is probably what has caused me problems this entire time. Well, and being without internet for most of it too, haha.

I’ll start out by saying that when I started writing “Ensuing Darkness” I had no idea that almost three years later I’d still be making changes to it. It’s quite maddening actually. I made the comment recently to one of my writer friends that it’s like being cock-blocked, except by a book. She thought that was hilarious, haha, but that’s as accurately as I can put it.

Every time I finish a revision, I hear that it’s still similar to that “other book” that I’ve been working to be different from since the beginning. I’m the one who started on this idea before they did, dang it! Now I’m stuck in the muck, sifting through my prose and cutting those characters and scenes dear to me so I can hopefully rise once again. Then, there’s the cover. I’ve changed it twice now and am working on a third time. I was told by the same writer friend that since my book hasn’t been very publicized, (I lack the moolah for said advertizing at the moment), it was the perfect time to change things as much as I needed/wanted to. And I agree. I’ve made my last revisions to this book, and am finally comfortable with saying that I am proud of this version. I can proudly say this is my book, MY book, and not worry about someone saying it’s similar to what’s-their-face. I’m still working on the cover, and have a couple promising samples I’m deliberating on, but I know all will come out good in the end.

Does everyone go through this? Is it just because it’s my first book, or can I look forward to doing this every time? I’d rather not have to keep going back to it once it’s supposed to be done. I assume my mistake was to have published it in the first place, when there still lingered the possibility it needed tweaking. Despite that, however, I’m still glad to report that it has been receiving good reviews nonetheless.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about all this while having that adorable puppy up there stare at you. Well, starting now, I’m going to try and tell you one of the bigger things that has come to pass in my blogging absence. You all know that Hubs is in the USAF, and since he had a four day weekend for Labor Day, I went down to MS to visit. We had a wonderful time, driving around, watching movies, and just being together again. I haven’t seen him since May and having him in my arms again was such a blessing. Those four days seemed to last forever, and I never wanted that weekend to end. We were so happy, I felt like I was literally walking on cloud 9. (I had told him while strolling through Wal-Mart that I wanted our pictures done, professionally and not just from our phones haha, and then the next day he surprised me in a specialty store. You will see these pictures tomorrow, and I promise you will find them amusing.)

He had told me on my way down that he’d spotted a Great Dane pup at the Petland near him that looked exactly like Scooby-Doo, and that’s what he wanted to name him. I knew he’s always wanted a Dane named Scooby, but when we went to look, he was gone and replaced with two other Danes. We were very interested in the boy (white with blue merle patches), until we found out he was a whopping $1600! Phew, made me break out in a sweat just hearing that. But that little cutie up there was curled up in the box next to him, and on her little window it said, “On sale for $499”. We had them take her out for us to visit, and we were hooked. We clicked right off the bat and had already named her within 20 minutes. Hera, to go with our Greek God theme. She’s full-blood Boxer, and will be four months on the 13th.

We got her completely set up, and then Hubs told me she was my early birthday present. I was so happy! Of course, seeing him was present enough for me, but still this was awesome! Zeus, our Pit-Bull, is going to be left behind when we go to Hubs’ next base ’cause he’s on the restricted breed list. Hubs said that’s one of the reasons he wanted her, plus my birthday, but I suspect the other reason was to help me not cry on my ride home. I had cried pretty bad last time I’d left from my visit, and I still did this time too, but only a little.

So, if that really was his intention, then I’d have to say he did pretty good. Hera succeeds in keeping me in an upbeat and pretty good mood most of the time. I swear, we lucked out with her; she doesn’t chew on anything but her toys, hasn’t had one accident in the house since we got her, and doesn’t make any noise! I mean literally, she barely ever makes a sound except when she wants outside or on the bed and makes a barely audible whine. Oh, and by the way, just to show you how spoiled and special this dog is, I have to tell you that I do let her sleep with me. She’s the only dog to ever be allowed on the bed with me. Ever. I blame it on Hubs being gone, and when I told him he laughed because he’d always been fine with dogs on the bed and I hated it. Now I’m breaking that rule for Hera.

Any-who, so this and pretty much nothing else other than writing and working is what I’ve been doing since my last post. See? Not very much I could’ve posted about during all that, but I’m going to try harder. I’ve got to build a steadier presence on here, I know.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I show you all the pictures from my weekend with the Hubs!

~ Sabrina -_^


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