The Horror is Coming


I know this time of year everyone is settling down with books that give off that nice fear-for-your-life feeling and makes you wonder how you’re ever going to do anything or go anywhere without first employing the buddy system.

Weeeell, since I know I would definitely be the one needing the buddy, and since Hubs is presently gone, the only one I have left is Hera… who would be cowering in the corner with me.

So no scary book reading for me this year.

However… I will be doing some scary writing. Presently, I have two stories that would put your teeth on edge. Why you ask, am I telling you this? I couldn’t possibly finish these before Halloween… could I? Haha, no. There’s no way I’ll be done by this Halloween, but I’m not talking about this year.

That’s actually why I’m telling you about this at all. With my recently laid plan to drop hints about my present and future works in some of my regular posts, I would be crushing all the fun out of teasing you. This way, I can tell you now, and then tease you into remembering this post again next year.

I know it sounds weird, but honestly I don’t understand how some writers can write a holiday story months before said holiday. I can’t do that. The holiday itself is the catalyst for my ideas. Now, I start getting in the spirit about a month or two before Halloween, but no way can I juggle work, family, everything else I have going on and have a fully finished book by that deadline. If any writers reading this are the ones able to accomplish this, I would appreciate tips and/or advice haha.

But, for the time being I’ll just tell you a little about one of these books and how it is now… and when I say “little” I mean I’m still getting a kick out of early teasing. (Note: title and other details are subject to change depending on beta reader feedback and my whimsy. -_^)

The Whispering Wood

Near a small town in the middle of nowhere, lay a mass of woods no one dares visit anymore. There have been strange things happening within the last year, with disappearances and eerie whispers echoing across the town at night. All signs point to the wood, but no one in their right mind would step a foot inside for fear of the living shadows who guard the perimeter. After a certain number of people are taken the wood seems to go dormant and the town finally relaxes.

A year later…

Dannon can’t believe it when he gets the call. His first field assignment, and it hasn’t even been a week since his graduation from the academy. He’s nervous, but ready to prove himself.  Apparently there’s a malevolent force who has been targeting a small town and has over-stayed its welcome, remaining in the realm longer than Luminite Law states. He’ll still have to report to his superior, but he’ll be pretty much on his own as he goes undercover and infiltrates the humans. His superior knows more about this mission than he does, but isn’t telling because this is still a test. A real-life-people-are-dying-and-he-might-too kind of test.

He resists the urge to wipe his damp palms on his uniform as he signs on the dotted line, “1st Class Luminite Investigator Dannon Shields”.


Your thoughts?

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