Nightmare Before Christmas!!!


Let me just start by saying that I absolutely love this movie and have since I was but a wee child. I’m also lucky enough to have married a man also in love with this movie. I have decided that our new tradition that will start next Halloween, will be to decorate our house in this theme. I actually never thought about this until now, when I found out just how much stuff they have from this movie. I love it! I’m actually thinking of having a little table made over to look like the town on top, so it would be my Halloween version of a Christmas village. :p

I haven’t started buying things yet, but I’m making up my list from what I find on ebay and this facebook page. AND I thought I’d show you a few items I’ve found on here. Enjoy!

528277_612830565422969_76837575_n 551245_609067165799309_133350221_n 970543_614647278574631_13588116_n 1374283_614126205293405_369720081_n 1375065_611139945592031_59893762_n 1378735_614747378564621_690920966_n 1381922_611896815516344_583992975_n 1383342_614548751917817_1411100590_n 1385139_612182922154400_1578248526_n 1395373_613035348735824_985063390_n


Your thoughts?

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