The Artist and the Author: part 1


I drew this before we got married and sent it to him before he'd graduated BMT.

I drew this before we got married and sent it to him before he’d graduated BMT.

The Artist.

I was born knowing I was an artist. Since I could hold a crayon I was creating something. My color was never outside the lines, I would give myself a crick in the neck on those dang paint-by-numbers, and I even made some coin selling my

sketches to others in elementary. Of course, now I wish I never would’ve sold those to anyone, or at least had taken a picture of my sketch before selling it haha.

In the past few years, I’m sad to say that I’ve fallen away from my artistic endeavors and immersed myself in my writing instead. Every free minute I had I wanted to spend writing, or reading, and my sketching time dwindled thus. Now I make up for lost time.

My first dream, when I realized my writing talent, was to publish a book by the time I was 18. Well, I ended up being 20, but close enough. Originally I had planned to have my own artwork for my covers, but my fault for not focusing on it as much as I did my writing. Haha, that’s probably why I changed Ensuing Darkness‘ face so much ;).

I want to start working on my art again, as well as indulge in a few other artsy venues that amuse me. I’m planning for my next book, whether it be The Dark Chronicles #2 or one of my other WIPs, to be wrapped in something of my own creation. I’m not sure at this point whether I want to use solely what I can create on paper or what I can make on the computer (Hubs is getting me Photoshop CS6 yay!). Hubs is amazing with art, because he didn’t ignore his talent, and so he may be making my covers until I can. I’ll be posting a few of the pieces I have loaded on my computer, of both mine and Hubs’.

1st piece above!

~ by me.

This is the first shot of the piece I made for our wedding, before our wedding, and sent it to Hubs before he graduated BMT.


Your thoughts?

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