Moved In!


Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I want to apologize for having been away for the past couple weeks. After Hubs got home I did little more than spend time with him, though I was active on Facebook and Twitter in that time. I gotta tell you guys, it’s been busy haha. From the time he got home until we moved we were either running around visiting family or getting things to be ready for the move date. Actually, instead of the two weeks he was supposed to get off, he really only got a week and a half. On moving day, we had a nice rain the entire time, and then again when we were unloading at our new home. Haha, of course.

Presently, I have almost completely set up this 2 bed/1 bath pad, while Hubs has hooked us up with Wi-fi and put all the entertainment in the living room in working order. I have to say I am over the moon elated to finally be in our own place.There’s just something about having my own kitchen filled with my own things that relaxes me. We made spaghetti the night before last and it was amazing. Feels so good to cook with him again, haha.

Also, I’m coming to you from my own office!!! *Squee!* It feels great to have a space that’s solely dedicated to my work both in writing and art. Speaking of art actually, Hubs finally installed my Photoshop CS6 on my computer! This is so exciting! I haven’t checked it out yet, but you can bet that’s next on my to-do list :). As I told you recently, I’m wanting to equaling my focus on my art and writing, and lately I can definitely say art has been on my mind. Everything I’m wanting to do is art-oriented, but I can expound on that later.

About the new base. We aren’t living on base, but from what everyone is saying, I think this place is going to be good for us. Hubs says everyone is really nice, which is weird because of how people were at his Tech School. I’m not sure if the people are just nicer or if it’s because he’s in a different phase of his training. He’s no longer considered a student now, and is in transition to working on the floor and doing his actual job work. I think that’s what it is, because I understand keeping it strict while they’re still in school. Anyways, we’ll be here for 2 years and I’m happy that right now everything seems good. I just hope it stays that way.

Here are a few pics of the office! ^_^

P.S. The top picture was taken from my phone and these below were from my camera haha.

191 190 188 187


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