From The Book: The Great White Wolf

White wolf 2

Even before Connelly Peters and his family showed up and blew Kota‘s mind about the existence of the paranormal, she was already participating in an annual supernatural ritual.

Because in Maxville, and the surrounding towns, there was one being everyone knew of, and everyone protected from newcomers like Louis and the Peters. The Great White Wolf emerged long ago when the decimation of wolves in the area occurred. Their numbers dwindled quickly, but still people killed, killed, and killed some more. Some people actually went out and actively hunted them, either out of spite, for their furs, or for sport.

Then, when they were on the cusp on extinction, he came. The first sighting was on a particularly terrible winter’s night when a group of hunters were tracking one of the last small packs left. Both sides had already lost a few members from attacks on each other. Neither had had much sleep either.

One hunter in particular was more eager to finish them off than the rest, and didn’t want to wait until dawn to begin again. While his friends slept, he crept forward towards the resting wolves, and readied his gun for the attack on the alpha, wherever he was.

He spotted the alpha, a massive gray beast standing watch over the others. It only took a minute for his scanning eyes to land on the hunter, who set his jaw and cocked his gun. The alpha’s growls woke the others, but they stayed where they were and the alpha only stood. The hunter was confused, but only for a moment; he wasn’t going to let this chance go to waste.

Before he could squeeze the trigger, a deep growl from behind and a blinding light pushed him to the ground. The light was heavy, but after a minute it faded slightly and revealed a wolf so white it hurt to look at him, and he was twice the size of the gray alpha. A second later and the man’s throat was ripped out.

The White Wolf then came to where the rest of the hunters were sleeping and stalked around their campsite, letting them see him and his glowing fur. He ended up killing one more hunter before letting the rest of them run off when they saw their bullets had no effect on him. The rumors spread, and after a few more hunting parties left the forest with less than they’d entered with, and scared out of their minds, the hunts finally ceased.

The wolf population flourished once more and the mysterious spectral white wolf disappeared.

Over the next 30 years, sightings of “The Great White Wolf” were few and far between. He had first shown up to save the wolves, but after that, he began saving the occasional hunter. Only if he felt they deserved it. The rumors about the evil spirit wolf changed, and then the annual offerings began. When hunting season began, each hunter’s best cut went to The White Wolf, as a thanks for the hunters he’d saved. Wolves were still killed on a yearly basis, but not like they had been. Even when it seemed The White Wolf had disappeared altogether, they continued the offerings to try and get him back, but if he didn’t get their meat, his wolves would.

The Great White Wolf protects his wolves, but also tries to keep the balance right between things in his forest. He saves the hunters worthy enough, and also investigates newcomers around his forest, especially those whose presence seems threatening.

Other names are; The White Wolf; The Wolf King; and The Spirit Wolf; or The Maxville Wolf (on account of being Maxville’s mascot).


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