Good Times for Gold-Diggers are Gone …

I agree with this post. The easy-going big boom of success for the lazy Author is gone. If you want to make it big, don’t try and do the get-rich-quick BS your friends are doing. Be smart. Work hard. And reap the long-lasting rewards of royalties and a solid fan base.

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Molly Greene wrote in a recent blog post “Book Sales Dismal Lately? Could Be The Big 5!” about flagging independent book sales, and at the same time desperation-book-discounts by established publishers who are continuing to consolidate.  She interviewed several bestselling authors about their sales.

Bad News the Burgeoning Amount of Competition
Mimi Barbour also wrote about the future of indie books:  “Amazon’s algorithms are spinning with so many choices that the cutthroat era will be soon upon us if it hasn’t already started. I remember not too long ago when for every few books given away free, Amazon credited us with one book sold and increased the book’s ranking to reflect that sale. Today that number has changed and the difference is more like fifty free books equal one sold.”

Wheat Separates from the Chaff
Do you remember these books: “How I Sold 1 Million Books”…

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