A Witchy Little Experiment

I have decided to start an experiment of sorts. If you’re on Goodreads often then you’ve probably seen the discussions I’ve started about “Blogger vs. WordPress”. WordPress has a wonderful connectivity between other bloggers, and it takes little effort to build likes and a following. It’s a little difficult to do the same with Blogger, but on the flip-side of that Blogger offers a freedom to customize your site any way you want.
On the flip-side,you can also do more things on Blogger for free that aren’t allowed on WordPress without paying for an upgrade, like posting videos, gifs, direct links to your products, and things like raffelcopter for giveaways.
So, for my experiment I’ve set up a blog on Blogger to compete with my blog here on WordPress. I tried to make them look the same so if the looks do effect the followers it’s only the differences that I can’t match on the competing blog. I’m going to be making the same posts on each blog, or as much as I can because I will definitely be taking advantage of the free abilities offered by Blogger.

I can’t wait to see what happens! What do you guys think of this test? Tell me your thoughts!

~Sabrina Giles


2 thoughts on “A Witchy Little Experiment

    • Sabrina Giles says:

      Thank you! When I found this blonde witch picture it gave me an idea, “Why not take advantage of always being called “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and make it benefit me now?” Haha, well it was that and the fact that this girl resembles the main character in my series “The Dark Chronicles”.


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