The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions

    Okay guys, I told you I would be taking advantage of Blogger’s allowing me to post videos in posts for free, whereas I have to get a paid upgrade to do it on WordPress. Here is my first video post!

The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions

    This man, Kevin Richardson AKA “The Lion Whisperer”, is absolutely amazing. Just watching him with these beautiful animals takes my breath away. He runs a reserve in Africa, housing some of the more rare and endangered predator species like Lions, Hyenas, and Leopards. When I read that, I had no idea that these animals were endangered! I can’t imagine the African plains without Lions, Hyenas, and Leopards OH MY!!!
    You’ll get a lot of information about him and his cause by just watching this and the tons of other videos he has on Youtube. I know I watched them for about 2 hours yesterday, haha. 😉
    Please watch this and show your support! Share it on facebook! Maybe you’re closer to him than I am and you can even get involved in his volunteer program to help raise money for the reserve! If we can’t succeed in keeping iconic and important animals like these from extinction, who’s to say how well we’ll do at keeping ourselves from the same fate?


Your thoughts?

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