I’m done. I Just Wanna Have Fun!


See that girl up there? Yeah, the one enjoying the coffee and looking at me in an almost mocking way because she knows I can’t have any. I’m not happy with her, or the fact that I haven’t been able to enjoy my own cup of liquid love since becoming pregnant. Part of me reasons that this is the perfect time to try out this ‘hot tea’ that’s become a rising sensation it seems, but with me being prego I’m supposed to be cautious, and after some research I’ve decided it may be best to just leave it alone. So instead, I’ll just have me some hot chocolate with mint chips, thank you.

Yesterday, I touched on how I debated about telling ya’ll I’m pregnant, and then decided what the heck because I can do whatever I want on MY blog. Well, that is just what today’s post is about. I’ve been scouring the internet in my absence on here in an attempt to find out what the heck I’m allowed to blog about, what would bring people in while I’m in between books. Some sites said, “There are no rules, as long as it’s entertaining”, while others said, “Don’t use this place as a catchall drawer for your random musings“. There were more sites that seemed to agree with the latter, and then went on to list a number of ‘proper topics’ for fictional writers/authors to use. Here, I’ll list them vertically because it looks neater, and because I love lists 😉 .

  • Promote my book
  • Book reviews
  • Give advice to other writers/authors
  • Talk about my writing process
  • Have guest posts
  • Book signings and/or readings
  • The research I did for my book(s)
  • Participate in Blog Hops
  • Have posts written by my characters
  • Interview my characters


Anyway, it would take too long to list everything, but you get the general idea. Basically, it says I’d be posting for other writers – which is fine, I mean I love other writers! – but what about my readers? Not all of them are aspiring writers, therefore they won’t be interested in all those posts tailored to my peers. I want something to blog about that will entertain everyone, but it has to interest me first. If it doesn’t interest or excite me, then I won’t be able to make you interested or excited about it either. So, I began looking at other, already successful, authors’ blogs to see how they were doing it. And would you looky there, they are writing about their books, but also about whatever seems to strike their fancy! Ha! I’ve been going through a lot of self-discovery about myself as a writer, what I want from my career, and understanding what I’ve done wrong (and what I thought I did wrong) in the past. I realized that before I started worrying and obsessing about what I thought everyone else wanted from me and my books, I was so much happier and my creative juices hadn’t seemed to be permanently dried up.

I was happier because I was writing what I wanted in my books, and on here. I was actually having a blast! I was having fun, and I confess I haven’t felt like that in a long time, and definitely haven’t felt the ‘fun’ in my book because I’ve been too busy changing it over-and-over-and-over into what I thought everyone else would like better. Well I’m here to say I’m freakin’ done with that. I’m entirely sick of going through Ensuing Darkness and I’m done trying to please absolutely everyone. I think I did an awesome job on my first book, as my 4 and 5 star reviews will attest too, and more importantly I LIKE IT.

(Insert Hubs’ “I told you so!” and “I’ve been tell you that this whole time.” 😛 *hehe*)

My new goal: Be happy with myself and my work, and don’t worry so much about pleasing everyone else that I lose sight of what I want. And have FUN!

Since making this decision, I’ve been feeling so much happier, relaxed, and relieved that I can finally set Ensuing Darkness down for good. There are some changes I’m glad I made and that I knew were necessary, so I’ll be doing a re-release for it in the future right before I release its sequel, Empowering Darkness. I’ve developed a detailed plan for the first 3-5 years or so of my writing career, and I’m excited to see how it goes!

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