Coffee Obsession

I love coffee so much, SO MUCH!!! And I hate that I can’t have it! AARRRGGHHH!!!! I’m craving it so terribly that I’ve been stuck on Pinterest for days looking at coffee cup designs for pottery inspiration and witty things to paint. I not only have an obsession with coffee, but with coffee cups as well. I’ve found so many things on those wonderful boards, all of which I hope to try out in the future. For instance, did you know you can paint with coffee? Simply amazing, right? I know!

So, because I hate not sharing my painful separation with coffee with you, here are a few pictures of what I’ve been staring at.


48cbfd698743cb947f1ca22e87d15158 ea2f402193d9667557931e1b44f2b8d3 d401c0bd4a0d631b0f1f2258cd4e10a9 befba99e2604223854cdc8922cb88736 a1905cdd3a5e1ea3faa996e7609aa4a0 199776933441663442_ziePNEWg_c 30948ace79666e28720332799490bd02 7890aadb02716815644fb02d91ecedb6 441a8a83dd9f1048ad18155bea8c14d8

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