Can I Write A Short-Story Series? We’ll See…

As I continue working on my crafts, my creative juices are slowly coming back up to normal levels. While they’re rising, Empowering Darkness has been streaking across my frontal lobe again, but so has another series I haven’t told you about. This new series is something I thought of years ago, but have been pushing to the side not only because my Dark Chronicles series demanded my full attention, but also because this new series came to me in a way I wasn’t sure how to go about writing.
Red Rebel Diaries plays in my mind like episodes in a TV series, which means short stories or novellas, right? Well, I’ve never written anything shorter than a full-length novel and it’s hard for me to write small stories. But that’s what this series wants, that’s what I want for this series, so it’s what I’m gonna have to do.
I’d like it to be written much like a TV series, in that not only will the stories be “episodes” but that those episodes will be grouped together in “seasons” too. Doesn’t that sound so cool?! This is a completely new concept for me and I’m so excited, but doing this also means I’ve got a lot of figuring out to do. 🙂 Questions suddenly pop into my head:
How many episodes to a season? Should it be the same number that’s usually seen in actual TV series?
How many seasons will there be?
Where will this series ultimately end?
… Enter all other questions usually associated with starting a new series…. 😉
I want to tell you guys everything I have on this series so far, but I just can’t bring myself to do it just yet. I’ll leave that for all the teaser/sneak-peak posts I’ll be making on all my stories in the future 😉. I will however, tell you that Red Rebel Diaries is not Fantasy. In TV terms it would be called a Drama, Drama/Comedy, something called a Feel-Good show or something of that nature, which I assume translates into literature as Contemporary Fiction, Drama (is that a genre?), Romance, Comedy, or some mixture of that all under the Young-Adult/Teen Fiction category. This brings me to my next point, being that when I start a series I like to read books of a similar nature, if there are any, or books in genres I know that will inspire me more, but it’s hard to do when you keep describing it in TV genre terms *laughs* 😉. I picture RRD as a mix between Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, and something else all my own.
Can ya’ll think of anything you’ve read lately that may fall into this category? I know it’ll probably be easier to find something similar once I get farther into the writing, but until then I’d be happy with any suggestions.
I do have to say that I’m so happy and relieved to be doing this, thinking about stories again, and resuming my writing.

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