So I broke down the other day and did some researching. You all know I’ve been craving cappuccinos like crazy, so I decided to find out just how much caffeine I was allowed to have, how much my coffee had, and how much cappuccinos had. I found out that as long as I stayed under 200mg of caffeine a day I was good, but what I didn’t know was that this whole time I had only been hitting a little under or over 100mg!

My coffee, Folger’s Breakfast Blend, has 12mg/oz, which equals to 96mg-120mg depending on which cup I use. Cappuccinos are 12.8mg/oz, so that’s 102.4mg-128mg, and my Lipton Iced Tea only has 2.4mg/oz so I could drink that all day! Plus, it’s pretty much one of the only teas I can drink with being pregnant and not have to worry about any of the ingredients! (You would be surprised at the list I ended up with when thinking about trying out hot tea – Doozy! Even the teas specifically for pregnant women have ingredients on the no-no list. o.0)

Now for some news…

I’ve finished editing Ensuing Darkness, but will still be holding it hostage until it’s re-release date, which won’t be posted until I finish Empowering Darkness.

I have resumed my work on Empowering Darkness and am feeling fabulous about it!

While ED2 is still my #1 priority, when I get stuck I’ve started working on Red Rebel Diaries. So far I have a few pages down and am feeling confident about it. Since this will be an ongoing series for a while (as far as I can see so far), I’ll be releasing these “episodes” in between my big book releases for the foreseeable future.

I’m not sure I remember telling you that Hubs and I got some polymer clay recently! Woohoo! I haven’t posted any pictures yet because I just now started messing with it (only on my writing breaks I swear!), and I wanted to wait until I had all my little creations baked and painted. Also, I’ll be showing off the super-awesome goblet Hubs made for himself! Oh how I love being married to another artist!

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