Checking In!

Today, I am extremely tired. I don’t know if I’m just at that place in my pregnancy where I’m not allowed any sleep or what, but last night was pretty bad. I think I may have gotten 2hrs? 1 1/2? All I do know is that I was thinking about Empowering Darkness (ED2) allll night, in addition to kind of slipping onto the marketing side of things and making mental lists of everything I need/want to do before publishing.
I am so sorry for not posting more guys! I’ve been at a lost about what to post because all that’s really going on with me right now is prego things, not sleeping, and trying to hit my goal of at least 4k a day on ED2. So far it’s been working (if you look at the progress bar to your right 😉 >>) which makes me happy. What doesn’t make me happy is losing all this sleep because then that makes me so dead tired that I can’t write! Grrrrr! Skye is pressing on my nerves and causing me to have tingling in my limbs, making them want to move and jerk sometimes. Ugh, it is soooo annoying and what I blame for most of my sleeplessness.

As far as my progress on ED2, I’m pretty happy with it. I feel a tad behind on the writing because I had to go back and make several changes, bringing me presently to where I was in the book before I stopped last year. Hopefully though, there won’t be any more delays or major events of any kind until the end of July/beginning of August so I can at least finish the 1st draft and maybe the 2nd! So far, my process has been to write as much as I can (with the minimum set at 4k) and then to outline in my notebook what I want to happen next in as much detail as I can so the next day’s writing has a quicker start-up.

I took a day last week to sit down and re-align ED2 with the series outline, as well as going through the series outline and making sure it was as detailed as possible and had everything the way I needed it to be. Everything was connected, I ran it by Hubs and he reminded me of some things I’d forgotten to put in, and voila! Big, fat and juicy outline to make for some fat books with all the trimmings. (Mmm, okay enough meat references I’m starting to crave steak 😉 )
I’m so excited about what’s happening in Empowering Darkness! So many new, exciting, and adventurous things! You are going to be so blown away! I’m not even half-way through the book and there’s already been some major events happen on both Kota and Connelly’s side of the story!

I’m gonna go try to still hit my 4k word mark today, despite my being so tired, but have no fear. This book will still get done on my schedule even if I have to put in over-time!

~ Sabrina -_^

P.S. I almost forgot! Hubs and I did go to a Renaissance fair last weekend with another married couple we’re friends with. It was so much fun! I wish someone would’ve taken a picture of the huge turkey leg I was ripping into *laughs* ’cause that thing was awesome. We were broke so we only bought food, but everything was great (including the handmade mint chocolate-chip ice cream!). Hubs also bought me a rose *swoon* and picked out a beautiful gypsy outfit we might be getting next time we go. I said I was going to wear the outfit and get my big belly painted, so if that actually happens I promise I’ll post a picture of it.


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