The Newly (and Finally) Updated Version Has Been Released!

Final cover exp front cover (Newly Updated)


I am sooo happy to announce that after waiting and debating with myself, I’ve decided to re-release Ensuing Darkness‘ updated version in e-book format. I was going to wait until I finished Empowering Darkness, but then, if anyone wanted to reread Ensuing Darkness while they were waiting I wanted them to have the newest version possible. So here you go! All previous errors have been pointed out to me and taken care of, as well as a few other changes have been made. I really hope you all like what I’ve done here, and I’d love to hear from you about it in the comments below or any of my other channels!

Also, what do you think of the new cover? It’s gotten the thumbs-up from everyone I’ve shown it to and I hope you love it just as much as we all do!

On sale from Today – Sunday for only .99! Don’t miss out!


Kota’s hometown is harboring more secrets than she ever imagined.

Hunting, partying, and hanging with the guys has made up the most of her frustratingly simple life, and she’s looking hard for something else. Something new. Unfortunately for her, she gets her wish senior year when a family of dancers comes Waltzing into her life.

Unbeknownst to Kota however, the Peters are hiding dark secrets and a dark past that’s still chasing them. Their dangerous mission needs to go perfectly, but when the twins get mixed up in a taboo romance with Kota and her best friend Sue, things get nasty for everyone.

Driven by her inexhaustible curiosity and the disturbing effect the Peters have on her, Kota starts pushing her way towards the truth without hesitation. All at once, she’s surrounded by everything she never knew existed, and now more than just her life is in danger.


Like what you see? Like what you’ve read?

You can find Ensuing Darkness available through the links below:



~ Sabrina -_^



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