A Little Ramble & a 1st Draft Update

Coming at you today from my couch, back in my apartment, *sigh*. For the last four days, we’ve been house/pet sitting for a couple Hubs knows from work. It was certainly nice to get out of the apartment for a while (away from the stompers upstairs) and into an actual house, but it’s also nice to be back home. Hera, our boxer, got along well with their other dog and five cats, bonding closely to an old one they fear may be dying. Grim however… he didn’t have such a great time.

After several cycles of letting him out of the crate, having him sniff around for about 10-15 minutes, then putting him back in the crate after having a hissy fit with one of the other cats, we finally gave up and took him home. I feel the need to mention that we don’t have a cat carrier and instead used Hera’s smaller crate, which still fit him nicely (he’s a 9 month old Main Coon/Snowshoe Siamese). That being said, on the ride home that night he was on my chest rubbing his face on mine, seemingly in apology for misbehaving and in gratitude for taking him back home. I felt bad for him, and when we did get him home he looked so relieved and ran around checking that everything was where it should be before plopping down and passing out. (P.S. Hubs checked on him every day after work to give him some attention.)

I’ll admit I was a little nervous agreeing to house/pet-sit because I’m so far along (9 months/7 days ’til due date), but it turned out alright. I still haven’t popped yet and my last doctor appointment went perfectly. They’re saying they think she’s a long baby, because even after she dropped she still had her little booty pushing into my right rib, which feels bruised and sore now. Another reason for this could also be that I’m just a small person, so I didn’t have much room in there to begin with. Let me just say, I’m ready for her to be out now, but still want to try to make my exact due date. It’s Hubs’ birthday, so how cool would that be? 😉

I know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but I’ve been trying hard to use that time productively. So between sleeping off the pregnancy exhaustion, thinking/worrying about getting everything for Aurora’s room ready in time, marketing in an attempt to regain attention on Ensuing Darkness, and writing the sequel…. *breathe*…. Between all that, I’ve almost finished the 1st draft of Kota’s side in ED2 and started on the 2nd draft. Why would I do this so early, you ask? All my 1st drafts are usually slow to start up because I’m testing/feeling out the story, but with how long Kota’s side was turning out to be vs. how long I needed it to be, it kept messing with how I’d pictured things. This 2nd draft is more condensed, streamlined, and I’m already on the cusp of being where I was in the 1st draft in half the time! Now everything fits into ED2’s timeline better, and my goal for its size.

I’m excited about how this new draft is shaping up to be, and still more excited that my ability to write and think about my books hasn’t been subdued by my approaching due date. Mostly, I think it’s because I’m using my writing cathartically as a way not to worry about all the things new moms-to-be worry about. Don’t get me wrong, those worries still plague me, just mostly in my dreams, which causes me to stay up and write more until I’m tired enough I can sleep deeply. I swear in my dreams I’ve dropped her a billion times, she’s slipped out of my hands, rolled off things, hit her head on something, have something happen to her when someone else is holding her, the dog or cat hurt her, and of course there are all those scary movies that involve babies or toddlers. Ahem, “Insidious 1&2″ when she hears someone in the room with her baby through the monitor? That right there and the “Paranormal Activity” movies alone have me covered on nightmares for eternity. Thanks, guys. Thanks. -__-

Buuut let’s move on, so I can stop thinking about that before it causes another sleepless night tonight, haha. I know it’s going to be hard, and I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m going to try to maintain some kind of presence online even after the baby comes. Most likely, I’ll be more active on my Facebook Author Page than anywhere else because it’s where I keep in touch with the friends and family we have scattered everywhere, but I’m also planning on getting involved in more things that bring me here too. Such things include:

Blog Hops/Tours

Indie Book reviews/Regular book reviews

Indie Author reviews

Guest Posts

Bringing back “Word Knowledge Wednesdays”

Having flash giveaways/contests/sales for Ensuing Darkness and/or swag

Teasers of ED2 and my other WIPs

Introducing you to the exciting world of the Luminites (FYI: No use trying to get ahead and google what these guys are, because you won’t find anything. This magical race is mine and mine alone. 😉 )


I hope you guys are as excited as I am about all this, and I can’t wait to get started!

~ Sabrina Giles -_^


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