Word Nerd Wednesdays: 5 Words to Describe Looking

I’m so happy to be resurrecting this weekly vocabulary post! Along with posting random words and their synonyms, I’ll be setting themes as well for all the writers and authors out there! Let’s get this started!


Peer – v.

  • Look keenly or with difficulty at someone or something (ex. “Blake screwed up his eyes, trying to peer through the fog.”)
  • Be just visible (ex. “The two towers peer over the roofs.”)
  • Come into view or appear

Synonyms: look closely, try to see, narrow one’s eyes, screw up one’s eyes, squint


Glance – v.

  • Take a brief or hurried look (ex. “Ginny glanced at her watch.”)

Synonyms: look briefly, look quickly, peek, peep

  • Hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely (ex. “He saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head.”)

Synonyms: ricochet off, rebound off, be deflected off, bounce off

  • Reflect off something with a brief flash. (ex. “Sunlight glanced off the curved body of a dolphin.”)

Synonyms: reflect, flash, gleam, glint, glitter, glisten, glimmer, shimmer

Glance – n.

  • A brief or hurried look (ex. “Sean and Michael exchanged glances.”)

Synonyms: peek, peep, brief look, quick look, glimpse

  • A flash or gleam of light.


Study – v.

  • Look closely at in order to observe or read. (ex. “She bent her head to study the plans.”)

Synonyms: scrutinize, examine, inspect, consider, regard, look at, eye, observe, watch, survey


Eye – v.

  • Look at or watch closely with interest. (ex. “Rose eyed him warily.”)

Synonyms: look at, observe, view, gaze at, stare at, regard, contemplate, survey, scrutinize, consider, glance at


Scrutinize – v.

  • Examine or inspect closely and thoroughly. (ex. “Customers were warned to scrutinized the small print.”)

Synonyms: examine, inspect, survey, study, look at, peruse


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