The New Mommy and her Postpartum Thoughts

Warning! Post WILL contain multiple pictures of my new adorable baby. Those with weak fawning reflexes may be overstimulated, but feel free to look anyway. You have been warned.

You read that title correctly, I’m officially a new mother of a healthy baby girl! She was born on August 10th, which is “National Lion Day” for those of you who didn’t know. (I didn’t know until someone at the hospital told us.) How awesome is that? Not only that, but there was a super moon that night and a meteor shower too! Whoa! If those things aren’t good omens, I don’t know what is.

V__1194Look at that face, look at that gorgeous face! *sigh* I could just stare into those eyes forever. 🙂

She has been the easiest baby since day 1! The only problem being that she’s got almost constant gas bubbles hurting her and she stays up all night, but hopefully both of those issues will be resolved soon! Happy to announce that last night and today was the first time she’s actually slept all night long (besides feeding and ridding bubbles), and was awake from 9-12 today! That is definitely a step in the right direction, Aurora! 😀

I have been doing nothing except sleeping, taking care of her, and trying to keep the house maintained the way it had been pre-baby. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t wanted or cared about getting on the internet or even my computer at all since her birth, with the exception of the last few days and updating Facebook with pictures to keep family and friends up to date as promised. I know I have a blog tour coming up starting Stept. 29th, and I know I need to get back to writing ED2, but it’s hard thinking about anything other than her right now. My mind just feels like it’s racing with all the things I want to make sure and do, all the things I’m nagging myself about needing to do (writing/book stuff), and trying not to forget every freakin’ thing as soon as I think it or someone tells me. The latter is the most frustrating, and I’ve resolved to writing down everything, and I mean everything. Good thing I have a lot of notebooks, right?

I’m telling myself not to worry about much, especially right now. Aurora is the most important thing right now, and I don’t want to miss out on this time with her, bonding with her, because this newborn stage flies by from what I’m told and I already see it happening. Since she was born she’s been incredibly alert and ready to go, wanting to be propped up to look at everything she can, and moving her arms and legs like she’s ready to start running (Not yet!). I honestly can’t believe she’s already a day away from being 2 weeks old! It’s been two weeks — 14 DAYS — since I gave birth to her? Since when did time move so fast? She’s already doing everything a 3 month old should be; what next?

Well, if she’s not going to stay a “little baby” for too long, I can at least look forward to the fact that she can’t get away from me for the next few years. 😉


On the writing front, I’m still on Draft 1.5, but have high hopes that since I know pretty much everything that’s supposed to happen in the book that it will fly by pretty fast. Also, since she’s starting to sleep more during the night, that means I’m getting more sleep so I can think better during the day — which means good things for writing! Yay! Red Rebel Diaries #1 and my Luminite series are still coming along nicely, and I’m psyched to see what you think of my Luminites when you see them in ED2! These guys are so awesome; I really need to be posting some information about them here on the blog, but I’m still working out some fine details about their race/world/etc. I want to make sure I have everything in order (and that it won’t change later on) before I truly reveal their existence to the world.


P.S. I’m not going to get too much into detail just yet, but I’m planning on opening up a website (for now on to not only have a website, but also to showcase some other business endeavors I’m pursuing. All will be revealed in due course, but only after I’ve completed the training and have some samples to show you! For a few of the new services I will be offering, I’ll be needing a few volunteers willing to let me work my magic free of charge (the only catch: a quote/review of my quality of service/be listed as a referral source).

That’s all for now! Here are a couple more pictures of my sweet baby because I can’t help it. 😉

~Sabrina -_^

WP_20140816_017 WP_20140823_002


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