Life Will Always Get in the Way, and That’s Okay

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post back. Even though I want to, I won’t apologize for my absence, because we all know we hear that too often from other bloggers we subscribe to. The only explanation to any absence on the web is ‘life’, and that’s nothing to be sorry for.

I know I’ve been away for quite some time, as you can see by the date of my last published post below. I said I would try and still keep up with posts, books, and such even after my daughter was born, but let’s face it, I was lying and I didn’t even know it. There was no way I could do everything I promised you guys, take care of the house, and constantly care for a newborn baby. I could barely even keep the house clean there for a while, and sleep was a gift I rarely received. But I say this, it was all worth it, every second of it.

That girl is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life, bar none. She’s passing milestones left and right, she’s ahead of her time. She still wants my attention 24/7, which isn’t unlike I was, or so I hear. A good example of this is how we recently paid $50 for a used Baby Einstein jumper because she was wearing us out wanting to jump all the time. Well, she will only stay in there for maybe 10-15 minutes at the most before she’s wanting back in our arms again and wanting what? Wanting to jump, that’s right. Haha, well it was worth a shot!

In other news, you guys all remember my dog, Hera? The boxer…. good you remember! Okay well, she’s been in trouble a lot lately, chewing on things she shouldn’t and such, but not only that, she’s been depressed. I can’t play with her like I want because I’m always playing with Skye, though I usually manage one play-time with her once a day, but after that she has to wait until Hubs gets home, tired from work. Well I finally had had enough of it, and felt bad for her more every day after whooping her once again for chewing on another thing she shouldn’t. After a long time of searching, we finally found Loki, a Great Dane mix. He’s 7 months, and mostly untrained because his owner suddenly developed allergies to him, which have been getting steadily worse over time.

We’re a couple days into having him and already he and Hera are playing and getting along very well. Hera hasn’t chewed one thing! Loki was raised around a 3 and 5 year old, and is doing very well with Skye. The only downside to having him now is that the apartment we have is a bit more cramped, but it’s only for a few more months. Because at the end of March, we’ll be heading back to Texas! Home, sweet home. Not only that, but the base Hubs is going to is also close to family! Yay!

We are thinking of buying a house when we get down there and I’m over the moon excited! My mind is going crazy with all the things I want to do! Starting a produce garden, an herb garden, getting chickens, possibly goats, a couple rabbits maybe, landscaping the property, etc. Aurora will be 8-9 months old by the time we get down there, so hopefully I’ll be back on track with writing, learning Graphic Design and Web Design/Development.

Hope to be back writing to you guys soon!



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