Throwback Thursday


This is me and my baby sister in the late nineties. I’ve gotta say I miss those days. Everything seemed so much simpler then, but perhaps that was only because I was a kid. This time period is my most cherished of all of my childhood memories. I chose to show you this picture because of my sister. Look how gorgeous she is. She still looks like that today. Gorgeous. I have been away from my family for far too long and this may be just me being emotional but it hurts knowing I still have to wait to see them again.
However, at the same time my heart flutters because I know the move back home is almost upon us. Two months! Two months until we are finally back in Texas where we belong and hopefully have bought our own house! Not only that but the base where hubs is being re-stationed is only a few hours from family on both sides!
Ok I’m feeling better now, haha. Have a great Thursday everyone!

~ Sabrina


Your thoughts?

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