Friday Review: This Week

I’ll just come out and say it. Yesterday, we got the call from our realtor saying the sellers of the house we want accepted our offer. I want to say “We have a new house!” so badly, but I’ll try to contain myself until we actually close. I know a lot of things can happen between now and closing day, but Hubs really thinks it’s going to go smoothly. He’s worked in construction all his life until joining the USAF, and hasn’t seen any major problems in the numerous pictures our realtor took. We’re still going to have someone look at it, mind you, but I don’t feel any nervousness or bad vibes. These people really wanted to sell, because pretty much everything is new, including the roof.

A lot of good things have happened in the Giles house this week. Skye has been doing full-on push-ups (which I still can’t do because of my epidural -_-) and has begun rolling wherever she pleases to get into whatever she pleases. I swear, she is so fast! One minute I’m laying her on the floor on her blanket and as soon as I sit down she’s moved 3-4ft and is trying to chew on the coffee table leg. She also loves Hera, who likes to lay half on the blanket with her. This gives Skye the incentive to crawl, which is really working because she’s started dragging herself by her arms, or pushing her head across the floor with her legs, all to get to Hera.

Last night I think I finally perfected the bread recipe I’ve been using. I found out I’d been letting the dough rise too long the second time before cooking it, because it was always lopsided. I thought it just hadn’t been rising enough, but in reality it had actually been deflating. 0.0 So this time I only gave it a 30 minute allowance for rising before cooking and now it actually looks like sandwich bread! Whoo! It tastes soooo good, and every time I make a loaf (I only make one at a time) I get all excited again and pat myself on the back for deciding to do homemade instead of store-bought from now on. Making your own bread is cheaper, healthier, and completely customizable. It’s awesome!

One thing that’s not awesome and has been happening for a few weeks now is Skye’s restless and ceaseless squirming at night. It’s not gas or anything else that I can tell, but upon speaking to some fellow moms, I’m told this is a normal stage most/all babies go through. Oh well. Hopefully it will stop next month, because I’m so tired I’ve got a killer headache, and I even got light-headed a couple times yesterday, which thus far was the worst day for me sleep-wise. Not even my best friend, Coffee, can help. Then again, I can only have one cup a day because I’m breastfeeding, so oh well.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!



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