Concerning Books

I have several things that have happened and have been happening in the book world, one of which is the news that all my books are gone. 0.0 Gone! But before you have that panic attack, I should tell you they’re only gone from my sight, because they were the first things we packed. Haha, scared ya didn’t I? πŸ˜‰

Hubs thought it would be a great idea to put the bulk of them in these two really tall boxes that almost came up to my waist. “We’re gonna have a dolly sweetie,” he said when I asked just how we were going to move them. Yeah, well I’m just waiting to say “I told you so” when something goes awry and books explode everywhere.

I also have a new book to add to my collection, which you clearly see below you.


That’s right! “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” by Holly Black. I just love her books, and she puts a really neat twist on vampires. Her writing is so crisp, it’s a very refreshing read. Look forward to a review on this next Friday. Also on my list of new books is the boxed set of “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. I’d heard good things about the books, but was always busy with other things/books I never got to it. Then the movie came. O.O Oh. My. Gawd. IT WAS AMAZING! We got the set and Hubs (Mr. Speed-reader), finished the series in four days. He says that overall the movie was pretty good at sticking close to the story and I won’t believe what happens in the rest of the series.

Is there a book or books that you’re excited to read? How did you like “The Maze Runner” movie? Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Concerning Books

  1. Valerie McLeod says:

    Hi Sabrina,
    I’m enjoying reading your blog very much as well as hearing about your upcoming move back to your home state of Texas! It’s exciting to read about friends’ new homes and look forward to reading/seeing what your decorating or constructing plans may be!
    As far books that excite me…I look forward to Nora Roberts’ new releases. Recently, I’ve been pre-ordering her books and getting them signed by her. Her last and most recent series was the Dark Witch trilogy, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, although it’s hard to wait the six or so months between books! The reader’s downfall when it comes to a trilogy, but author’s gold, in my opinion! Each year she tends to release a trilogy followed by a single title. Set in contemporary times, most of her three part book series deal with witches, the supernatural, and of course dominating romances for her three very strong yet different main female characters. The single title, also set in contemporary times, is usually a mystery/thriller/romance…always a great read!
    Good luck with your impending move, and I look forward to reading more of what’s to come in your future blogs!

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      • Valerie McLeod says:

        You really should give Nora a whirl. She doesn’t write your typical Romance novel where boy meets girl, boys loses girl, boy gets girl back. Her books are smart, whitty, romantic-of course, and can also be real page-turners! If you need a recommendation of what book to start with, I’d say start with the most recent trilogy, The Dark Witch, and go from there. Let me know what you think of the book(s) if you give Nora a try! Happy Sunday!!

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