Musing Monday: Craft Craze

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been searching for ways to make a bit of extra money on the side while I’ve been so beaten down by writer’s block. I’ve taken up crocheting/knitting again, making things for us (but mostly for Skye), and if I’m good enough I may open up a little store on Etsy or something. What things might you find in this store, you ask? Well, perhaps some crochet/knitted baby clothes, crown headbands, hats, and shoes. Perhaps some baby quilt sets complete with bumpers, a matching lamp, a mobile (I’ll have to get Hubs for that one), and artwork. But that’s not all! I’m designing some adult sized quilts as we speak, as well as some original art pieces, clay figurines, and clay jewelry pieces. I also have really been wanting to try my hand at up-cycling some furniture or refurbishing it.

Do you all remember “Giles Fine Arts“? It was the name I had picked for my craft business that never got started because, well because of a lot of things, but maybe now that we’re getting a house I can try it again! I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get up and running, but if you guys are interested, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 I’ll probably be posting updates and pictures of my latest pieces in a weekly or bi-weekly post.

Hubs and I can’t stop thinking about the house. We are so stinking excited! Our first house! In TEXAS! 😀  I can’t stop thinking of everything I want to do to it, like painting the rooms,  making the kitchen bigger, starting my garden, and decorating! Since both Hubs and I are very artistic, we’ve decided to make our own art to put on the walls instead of buying it. Unless we find something just too cool to pass up.

Two things we will be getting as soon as we get there and get settled is a new puppy for Hera to play with, since she’s so lonely, and a kitty to fend off mice and snakes! I didn’t post about this, but we had to get rid of Grim. He just suddenly started peeing and pooping outside the litter box and we couldn’t get him to stop! It was insane, and with Skye, I really didn’t want her to be exposed to that. So sadly, he had to go. I have high hopes that we can find another beautiful cat as great as he was, just minus the potty problems.

Also, Hubs and I have decided that when we get down to Texas, I’m going to attend FullSail University to get my Bachelor’s degree in either Creative Writing for Entertainment, Media Communications, or Web Design and Development. All are great programs, and it’s been really hard deciding. I know you don’t necessarily need a degree in writing to be a great author, but this program helps you create a portfolio, build your brand, schools you on writing for TV, the big screen, games, and books (all genres).  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I agree! But I don’t really NEED it. I mean, I know I have the talent for writing, I don’t need to go to college to be able to write for TV, games, and movies. I can learn that on my own. Now, Media Communications on the other hand, would definitely help me in an area I’m lacking in talent. Haha, you all see how bad I am at social media, but after graduating with a degree in this I’d be a pro, a “Media Master”, if you will. On the other hand, while Media Communications would help me a ton, it wouldn’t make as much money as Web Design and Development. I recently started learning to code out of curiosity, and discovered that I really enjoyed it. It’s so much fun, and I love being able to customize the way a website looks and moves.

So, I can’t decide now, but whatever I choose has to directly correlate to a specific job I’ll be doing in the near future. What’s the job? Well, that’s a secret. 😉 Don’t worry, all will be revealed in due time, when the time is right.

Have a great Monday and try not to hate it too much!

~ Sabrina


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