Mommy Monday: Time is Flying

Currently, I’m working on setting up a calendar for the blog to show upcoming posts and events, though I’m not sure it’s possible to show posts that’ I’ve scheduled to be published ahead of time. Hmm… If anyone has any tips to pull this off please let me know!


For those of you who’ve already seen my Google Calender (the one I’m playing with right now), you’ll see that tomorrow is the day Skye turns 6 months old. 6 months!!! Wow! Wasn’t it just a few months ago that she was all pink and new to the world? Yes it was, about 6 months ago…. 😦 She’s growing too fast, too fast I say!

And she can’t even stay with the milestones she’s supposed to reach this month either. Nooo, she has to run ahead and beat everyone else! She’s said her first word (“Mama” 😉 ), is close to saying “Dada“, took three continuous crawl-steps yesterday, walked across the living room holding onto my fingers, holds onto objects with a death grip, and is trying to cruise (which is trying to walk while holding onto objects, for those of you that don’t know). She can’t sit up from a laying position, but does stay upright when I sit her down, both in the tripod position and with her hands up off the floor.

We’re looking into getting her a walker now, because while she does like her Baby Einstein Jumper, she doesn’t like that she has to stay in one place. She wants to move move move! She want’s nothing to do with laying down at all. I can’t remember if I skipped crawling, but I have a strong suspicion it’s what she’s going to try to do.

Don’t take all this as me complaining, I’m extremely proud of my baby and how well she’s developing. She’s always been a busy baby and has always been ahead in the milestones she’s supposed to reach each month. It’s just, when I look back I kind of wish time hadn’t gone by so fast. Yes, she’s still my tiny baby, but to me, she’s so big. She’s getting to be such a big girl now. She’s doing big girl things like trying to walk and talk and crawl. I’m not ready for her to be a big girl yet. She’s still supposed to be my itty bitty tiny baby girl!

Still, I’m extremely proud of her and have to hold myself back from bragging on her too much. She’s been passing up babies her age and older on reaching milestones and I don’t want anyone getting upset about that.

Tomorrow, when she turns 6 months, we’ll be making molds of her hands and feet, as well as taking lots and lots of pictures! Man, I wish I had a professional camera for tomorrow! But still, these pictures will be amazing nevertheless.


And on a side note, we have another, very different kind of baby in the house now. A baby puppy! We had to give Loki another home. Now, we have Bane. He’s so beautiful and sweet! Hera doesn’t quite know what to do with him yet, but I know they’ll be best buds before long. He’s only 9 weeks old, so we’re going to use this place to potty train him before we move to Texas. I’m so happy we got a puppy instead of an older dog. He takes up less space, and when he does potty, it’s only little spots instead of the huge puddles Loki left. His previous owners didn’t potty train him at all -_-, despite what they told us, and he was almost a year old. Here’s a picture of him sleeping at our feet. It’s his favorite spot.



Your thoughts?

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