My Odyssey

Hope you guys all like the new look of my blog! I love it too, haha. And the Header? Yeah, that was all me too 😉 I’ve been messing around in Photoshop recently and have been having some fun. Just wanted to stop by and holla at everyone! Yes, I’m still working on The Dark Chronicle series, but I’m doing things  a bit differently this time around. I’m not publishing anything else until I have more than one book completed. Also, I’m searching for an editor for these babies too, so when I do finish them I can send them straight off and get things moving for ya’ll! In the meantime, I’m in the process of starting college soon, and when I say soon, I mean possibly June 1st. Haha, yeah. Still have some calls to make, but I’m so excited to start already!

I’ll be going for my BA in Media Communications at Full Sail University. This college is amazing you guys, and the absolute perfect fit for Creatives. They have online and on-campus programs, which are all accelerated, like how I’ll be attaining my BA in 28 months. Several of the graduates worked on making The Avengers, and a slew of other big time movies and productions. The also have a job placement program effective as soon as you graduate, though most students already have a job lined up or already have the job beforehand. I’m a huge fan of this university, and if you’re curious about them you can go check them out here.

When I do start, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write, but I’ll try my best to keep going. If I can’t do that, then I’ll fawn over some awesome covers and fangirl over awesome books, interview some authors and artists, share artist/writing articles, my research sources and insights, and so much more. I’ll also be bravely posting shots of my digital art attempts, since I have several art programs and just acquired Corel Painter 2015.

Stay in books!

~Sabrina -_^


Your thoughts?

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