Kind of Nervous??

Nervous Cats

Nervous Cats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay so, as the title suggests, I’m kind of nervous right now. Why? Well, if you guessed it was because I’m starting classes on Monday, you’d be right, except…. I don’t know if I am starting Monday or not. Yesterday I talked to several people, filled out some paperwork, and they said I should be able to get my Orientation by that night or this morning. Well, it’s still not here, and when I spoke to one of the people on the phone that day, she had said she didn’t even have a seat saved for me in the class.

Que nervousness.

I’m going to call them today, and if they still don’t have a seat saved for me, I’m just going to move my start date to August. It’s when I originally planned to start anyway, because Skye would be turning 1 and I would have weaned her onto formula by then. Meaning, I would be getting waaaay more sleep than I am now (like last night when I was awake from 11:30-2:44 AM because she cried 10 minutes after I put her down). The only reason I’m not a total zombie right now is because I slept until 6, which won’t cut it come Monday. I’m supposed to be getting up at 4 or 3:30 AM for school. When my admissions guy said I would be starting in June, I thought “Hey, maybe I can still do it”, but I’m scared I’ll be too sleep deprived to be able to give it my best.

There is a $100 fine for moving your start date, but that’s fine because I had enough money left over from my student loans to cover it. Also, if I push back the start date, it’ll give me more time to find some scholarships, which I desperately need. Haha 😉

I have a post coming Sunday and Monday on the Kissed by Death series by Tara Fuller, working up to the release day (Tuesday June 2nd) of the third book in the series, so keep checking in!

Sabrina -_^


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