New Facebook Page!

Okay, so those of you who have visit my facebook page often, know that I’ve recently gotten a new one. I’m here to tell everyone who hasn’t been on my old page that I have a new page I’d love for them to go check out, and tell the story of why I made the switch.

I got in with the wrong crowd right out of the box, is what I’ve come to realize. I didn’t have that many likes on my Facebook page, and was trying to get more when I met someone who said he would love to help me out. But there was a catch. He said he would share my page with all of his friends, and he did, but then they all started posting on my page that they expected me to like their page back simply because they liked mine. Even if I didn’t like the content of their page. I did, because I thought that’s how it was done, but that’s where things started going wrong. I’ve heard of those groups where people like each other’s pages, and then help promote each other and their work, etc. Well, that’s not what I got. I got likes, and then nothing else. No interaction, nothing, and a lot of them UN-liked my page as soon as I liked theirs! And I couldn’t even find out who it was that did it, because Facebook doesn’t show who un-likes you (as far as I knew at the time anyway).

So I was left with a large number of fans, a fake number of fans, and it felt awful. Also, with how Facebook screws you by only showing your posts to a limited number of your followers, I knew my real fans probably weren’t getting any of my posts. The fake followers were. I tried sticking with it, because other people had overcome this type of thing, but I just couldn’t do it. Sometimes I still want to go back, because the big number makes it look better, but what’s the use if it’s fake, right?

As a side note, the experience wasn’t all bad. I did actually meet some people that I’m still friends with now, and it makes me happy knowing I came out of it with a few friends and a good lesson. Be careful who you make deals with, guys. Be very careful. Research the person before you say yes, and make sure they are really who they say they are and that they aren’t just in it for their own gain. I know there are a lot of those kinds of people out there online today, but just remember that there are a lot of good people too. You just have to find them. šŸ˜‰

I love helping people, and I didn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

Here’s the link to the new page: (but you can also find the widget for it in the sidebar.)


Your thoughts?

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