Nose to the Grindstone

If you’ve kept up with my author page, then you know I’ve been more present on there than on here. For that I apologize, but then again, if you’ve been following me this entire time, you already knew I was a pretty bad blogger. 😉

I’m no longer attending college at the moment, but I’ll start up again after baby #2 is born and a little older. I know this may be the longer way around, but these symptoms I have (apparently in every one of my pregnancies) are hard to deal with while going to school. I’m looking at the bright side however, and focusing all my extra energy into working on book #2 in The Darkness Chronicles.

Right now, I’ve got around 50k so far, and am predicting a total of 145k more or less. This is going to be double the size of Ensuing Darkness, with a lot of surprising, action-y, and sexy scenes inside. Are you as excited as I am right now? I hope so!

I’m finishing up the story-line for this complicated sequel, which I hope to finish by Oct. 1st. Hubs leaves that day to go on a month-long training course. 😦 I’m hoping to use that abundance of lonely time to really work my fingers to the bone and get the bulk of this book done by the time he gets back.

There are other things I’ll be doing of course, like planning my baby shower, or planning out how we’re going to celebrate my birthday when he gets back!

If you like, I could post some teasers for what I have on book #2 right now, and I mean ones that will literally tease you because you don’t know any of the juicy details that are happening in the book right now!

Ensuing Darkness is with my editor, and when I republish it all shiny and error-free, it will not only have bonus features, but will also include two chapters from book #2! I know! One chapter on Kota, and the other on what Connelly and his family are up to! I KNOW!!! 😀


Your thoughts?

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