The Only Scary Story I Ever Tried To Write

So I know that a lot of other authors out there try to write something scary around this time of year because it’s Halloween and everyone loves super scary things. Well, last year if you remember, I said I was working on a scary story called “The Whispering Wood” and that I hoped to have it done by this Halloween. I’m sorry to disappoint you guys, but I never finished it because I realized two things.

  1. I may have started out reading scary stories when I finally started reading fiction, but something happened – I must have blocked it out – that turned me into a really big scared-y cat.
  2. Just because everyone else is writing super scary stories, doesn’t mean I have to. I am perfectly happy writing my Fantasy, Paranormal, or contemporary pieces.

That being said, I do still want to finish this book, eventually. It’s the beginning of another series where we explore the world of the Luminites, learn what they are and what they do. I’ve gone ahead and given you the prologue of The Whispering Wood below to see what you guys think. FYI: It doesn’t have my Luminite main character in it, because I didn’t finish that chapter and I didn’t want to give you guys something incomplete that would just leave you confused. If you like it, tell me. I’ll just try to grow a girly pair and finish it sooner.


The Whispering Wood

Daniel woke with a start, then quickly squeezed his eyes shut and pulled the covers over his face. “No, no, no…” He told himself. This wasn’t going to happen to him. He wasn’t going to do what they said. He was not going to follow them out there.

He didn’t want to disappear.

But the whispers weren’t so easily gotten rid of. They knew his name, knew so much about him it was scary. Come with us Daniel, it’ll be fun, they caressed, as there was more than one voice. He didn’t know how many, but some weren’t even speaking English. We just want to talk to you – get to know you.

Daniel snorted. “Yeah, I’m sure you do.”

There’s no reason to get testy, Daniel. We’re not what everyone thinks we are.

Then another one of the voices cut in saying, We just want to explain, but no one will listen to us.

“Then why don’t you just come out of the woods? And where are the other people? Huh? I’m not stupid.”

We know you’re not, they said, then quieted for a minute. Daniel poked his head out from the covers, wondering if they’d finally given up. Well, if you won’t listen to our side of the story, maybe Kara will.

“What? No!” As they spoke of her, flashes popped up in his mind of all the times they’d spent together, he knew they were doing this, and his fists clenched.

We’ve been watching her too-

She’s a very special person isn’t she?-

Very, and sweet too… Maybe she’ll be the one to help us?

We obviously aren’t getting anywhere with him…

“If you even touch her…” Daniel growled through clenched teeth, but they didn’t answer back. “Hello?” he whispered, but again there was no one. The last flash sent through his mind was of their last conversation on Saturday, when she told him she was pregnant.

Breathing hard, he grabbed his phone and texted Kara. He stared at the screen for a few seconds, waiting for her response, but when nothing happened he couldn’t wait any longer.

He knew they were probably only doing this to get to him, but he couldn’t stop himself. He had to make sure she was okay. Dressing haphazardly, he grabbed his keys and jumped out of his window and into the tree branches nearby. He was out of the tree and in his truck in five seconds flat, burning rubber to Kara’s.

“Please be there, please be there,” he repeated to himself as he drove, constantly checking his phone for her text message. He was nearing her house and didn’t see her car out in the driveway, but it wouldn’t be, it was in the shop. He would have to go up to the house, but as he was putting it in park an image of the woods on the edge of town flashed in his eyes. Then his view lowered to the tall yellow grass that came up to a pair of knees in pj shorts.

He was seeing through her eyes, as she laid a hand briefly on her stomach before looking back at the woods. He could hear them whispering to her, their lies. “Why can’t you come out here?” She asked, still sounding half asleep.

We’d rather you not see our faces…

We’re not really what you would call pretty looking people, said the second voice, and let out an embarrassed laugh.

“I’m sure you’re not that bad,” Kara said, and he knew she was smiling.

What the hell?! Why is she doing this? She knows what happens to people who go in there! he thought. He twisted the keys and flew down the road towards the woods. She has to be sleep-walking or something, uuuggghh! He sighed in frustration and pushed harder on the gas.

Halfway through town he passed a cop, but didn’t stop when he heard the sirens. Even if they did believe his story, they’d be too late by then to save her. Pretty soon he had two cops behind him, but he was almost there.

Instead of slowing down when he saw the overgrown tire tracks leading to the woods, he drifted into the turn, sending up a cloud of dirt and asphalt to slow the cops. He followed the rough trail at 60mph, winding his way to the main part of the trees.

He didn’t see her anywhere.

He skidded to a stop and sat there. The sirens were still behind him, getting closer, and now they were yelling through their megaphones. He didn’t need another flash to tell him she’d gone in. They had taken her… A couple tears fell on his cheeks and he wiped them away. He looked back at the woods, let out a rough breath, and grabbed his shotgun from the gun rack behind him.

The shells were in the glove compartment, and when he had those he stepped out of the truck. He looked out at the wood, and saw the guardians’ dark shapes pass in front of his headlights.

She’s with us now, the whispers said.

“Well I’m here now, so let her go!” he yelled at the dark shapes just pass the first line of trees.

“Son, stop right there!!!” The cops finally skidded to a stop on either side of his truck, blocking him in, even though he wasn’t planning on leaving. “Drop the gun and put your hands on your head!”

I don’t think so-

You had your chance, Daniel, but Kara is much nicer to us…

I think we’re going to keep her for a while…

A ragged breath left him. He was almost hyperventilating and fighting for control of his chaotically beating heart. “Please… Please, I’ll be nicer!”

How do we know you’re telling the truth?

“Just please! Bring her back, and I promise I’ll be nice! I’ll listen to your story!” The whispers didn’t answer right away, and he glanced back at the two cops aiming pistols on him.

He knew both Officer Smith and Matthews, and that the latter was Kara’s dad. “Daniel, what’s going on? Why are you out here?” Officer Matthews asked.

“They’ve got her! They’ve got Kara!” Daniel yelled and saw the blood drain from the man’s face.

Matthews said something and shook his head, grabbing his phone as they both put away their guns. “Mary, go check on Kara. Just do it! Now!”

“Daniel, how do you know?” Smith asked.

“They wanted me, but I said no. They knew about us, and about Kara being…”

“Being what?” Matthews asked.

“I’m sorry sir. I wanted to be there for her through everything. I was going to propose at graduation!” He let out a hysterical laugh.

“She’s pregnant,” Matthews said. “Isn’t she.”

Daniel, we’ve decided to accept your trade. As long as you promise to be nice and listen to us, and not to bring your gun…

We’re sending her out now…Come to us Daniel.

“Can I see her one last time? To say goodbye?” he asked, turning toward the woods again.

You must be in here before she leaves the trees…

You can say goodbye if you cross paths in here…

Come now, Daniel…

He let the gun and shells drop to the ground. “Daniel? What’s wrong?” asked Smith.

“I made a trade.” He looked back at them, his eyes watery. “If I don’t see her in there, tell her I love her.”

Then, before the cops could react, he ran towards the trees. “Daniel wait! Stop!!!” Matthews yelled and they sprinted after him. “Daniel stop!!! She’s at home-!”

Daniel gasped and tried to stop, but he was going too fast and tripped, landing just passed the tree line. The air was still in there, but he could hear a sound of rushing wind coming towards him on both sides. Both officers were almost to him as he scrambled to his feet.

You can’t leave us Daniel…

You promised… remember?

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Daniel yelled and sprang for the safe grass. He landed halfway out of the trees, but the guardians grabbed his ankles, pulling him back in and at the same time sending out a shockwave that knocked the two officers back five feet.

The dark inhabitants seemed to quiet it’s activity after Daniel’s disappearance, no one reported hearing whispers, and people stopped vanishing mysteriously during the night.


Sooo, you like it? If so, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to work on it when I’m not working on ED2!

~ Later you awesome peeps!


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