You Must Give In Order To Recieve

~The Problem~

This little rule, often forgotten or overlooked, is one of the golden rules not only for the writing world, but the world in general. I know you’ve probably heard this over and over, but it still bares repeating. Because even with reminders of this rule everywhere, there are still authors out there wanting help, wanting this and that done for them without feeling the need to give back at all. Heaven forbid they even give first and then ask for help afterwards! GASP

Yes I know there are authors out there who made it big without helping much of anyone, but in truth, no one can get anywhere without getting help and offering help in return. If your book got picked up TODAY by a publisher who said, “IT’S AMAZING I MUST HAVE THIS NOW! YOU WILL MAKE MILLIONS!”

That’s great, I’m happy for you! But right now you’re still a nobody with one book being published, and you need advertisement of that book. The publisher isn’t going to do much to help you on that, so you’ve got to rely on your connections with other bloggers/readers/authors out there to help spread the word.

~ And by connections, I don’t mean people you know of who advertise books, I’m talking about people you actually know and have conversed with. Someone who would remember you if you messaged them out of the blue.

If you haven’t put yourself out there, talked to people, and helped support them, your list of connections will be small and your acceptance rate even smaller. Not everyone you ask will say yes, even your friends, because of various reasons (too busy, doesn’t fit their genre etc. etc.).

~The Solution~

You’re probably thinking, “Okay fine, I’ll tank without other people. How do I help them then, just go and message everyone I meet and ask if I can help them? I’m not Customer Service!”

No, your’e not. You’re an author, and maybe an artist too. Both of those talents go hand in hand, which means you have something to offer. Most people think it will take too much effort or too much valuable time helping others when they could be working on their own goals. Well make philanthropy a goal and put it in bold gold lettering at the top of your list and never take it down!

It’s simple. Find a few ways you can give back to your community. Some people post reviews of books they’re reading and accept offers for review (never paid). Some offer interviews or guest posts with other authors and participate in blog tours, blitzes, cover reveals, etc. It’s not difficult, just pick something that fits with your genre, and your platform.

Reviews are great because they usually bring in a lot of traffic and interaction with followers, but if you don’t have time for reviews, do one every once in a while and stick to promo posts/interviews/guest posts in the meantime.

That’s what I do, because I only have a few hours a day to write. I’m also an artist, so I like sharing other’s artwork that I think looks amazing and that also fits my genre.

This is an easy solution to a simple problem. I hope this post helped someone today. Maybe you just needed a reminder, because I know I’ve needed it a time or two.


Your thoughts?

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