Sabrina The Busy Bee

I have been a very busy bee here lately. Please forgive my ever-changing theme, as I'm trying hard to find one that allows me to do all I want. For free. You know, starving artist and all... I've been neglecting the blog this time because, well, life. It gets to us all, right? I've been … Continue reading Sabrina The Busy Bee


Coffee Rings and Crafty Things

Happy November everyone! This month is, as most of you know, is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I will be participating this year. For the first time ever! I know, very exciting. No, I will not be working on a new project or one of my WIPs other than the sequel to Ensuing Darkness, … Continue reading Coffee Rings and Crafty Things

Shift Change for Hubs, Among Other Things

Hubs graduated his training yesterday, yay! Let me brag on him for a minute here. He's worked so hard to get to where he is, and graduated #1 in his class. That's awesome! I'm so so very proud of him ^_^. What isn't so great however, is that we found out the first shift he'll … Continue reading Shift Change for Hubs, Among Other Things