I Aspire To…

Some for this year, some for the years to come…and by the way, I’ll be adding to these lists continually so check back often!

This Year

1/14 – Be truly active on my Social Media channels. I finally have a stable internet connection so now is my time to build those relationships and make the friendships I’ve been wanting to have for so long.

1/14 – Finish Empowering Darkness (The Dark Chronicles: Book 2)

1/14 – Hopefully finish The Whispering Wood (Luminite Shields: Book 1)

1/14 – Make this blog bigger and better than ever.

1/14 – Read 30 books. My first time setting a reading goal and now I hope I haven’t set it too high? Haha.

1/14 – Work on my art.

1/14 – Learn to paint.

1/14 – Try making a video blog post.

1/14 – Make 2 friends this year online.

1/14 – Find 2 critique buddies. This is in case one or both of my other friends up there already have crit-buds or aren’t interested for some reason.

Years To Come

(1/14 – ?) Get represented by a kick-ass agent.

(1/14 – ?) Write that book that will get HarperCollins’/Harper Teen’s attention.

(1/14 – ?) Create my own art pieces and sell prints.

(1/14 – ?) Go to my first book festival.

(1/14 – ?) Go to my first writer’s conference.

(1/14 – ?) Get amazing at Photoshop so I can maybe make my own covers one day?

(1/14 – ?) Meet and become friends with 3 published and popular authors.

(1/14 – ?) Work for a publishing company one day? I always thought it would help teach me more about the industry before I was published. That, and it just sounded/looked like a ton of fun. šŸ™‚


Your thoughts?

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