Ensuing Darkness

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Kota’s hometown is harboring more secrets than she ever imagined.

Hunting, partying, and hanging with the guys has made up the most of her frustratingly simple life, and she’s looking hard for something else. Something new. Unfortunately for her, she gets her wish senior year when a family of dancers comes Waltzing into her life.

Unbeknownst to Kota however, the Peters are hiding dark secrets and a dark past that’s still chasing them. Their dangerous mission needs to go perfectly, but when the twins get mixed up in a taboo romance with Kota and her best friend Sue, things get nasty for everyone.

Driven by her inexhaustible curiosity and the disturbing effect the Peters have on her, Kota starts pushing her way towards the truth without hesitation. All at once, she’s surrounded by everything she never knew existed, and now more than just her life is in danger.

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~In The Reviews!~

Sequel please (3/21/13 by 13aprils on Amazon)

I absolutely loved Ensuing Darkness. The plot was interesting, the characters well-developed, and they had me laughing and crying along with me. Kota, to me, was exactly as a heroine should be strong, independent, and likable. Connelly seemed like a well-developed and not stereotypical male lead. He wasn’t egotistical and he tried to protect Kota without being controlling. Their relationship was more “believable.” They didn’t need to be together every second of the day like some other books will have their couples do. The siblings were all amusing, I loved them all and would not be upset to see books going into more details about them *****HINT HINT****. The secondary relationship of Ivan and Sue was sooo sweet and the “event” (don’t want to spoil anything) that happend to Sue made my heart break for her. Allister and Vincent made me laugh out loud. As far as the action goes, it was well detailed and was a nice balance to the romance. It was interesting the way Alexis Cain approached the vampire trend going on right now. I think she definitely has a new and enjoyable way of portraying her vampires.

Must-read for fans of paranormal books! (3/30/13 by E. Lotz “Cocktail” on Amazon)

What can I tell you about Ensuing Darkness? I can tell you that it has a great plot that takes it’s time to develop, without ever being the least bit boring.
It has a very “rich” world-building that gives the reader many detailed pictures to imagine Kota’s world by and that make the story just the more alluring.
It also has many interesting characters, some you don’t get to know very good, others that seem to always be there and all very 3-Dimensional even though the author doesn’t go too deep into background-stories. It’s rather the emotions and conversations as well as the (extremely good) descriptions of body-language that do the job.
The center of the story is Kota, who always seems so vibrant and full of energy. She is also very curious, a trait I loved about her – the more so, because I’m just the same! ^^
Her counterpart is Connelly who just moved into town with his family and just can’t stand Kota, or does he? And what exactly is wrong with that guy and his family? When I finally found out it was really not what I had expected by then! Still the (not so new)idea and how it was set in place (very very new and uncommonly!) is just short of genius and far too good to be revealed in a review!

This is the point where I have to say that the description of the story doesn’t really do it justice and is also a bit confusing, it makes Connellys family look like thieves or something, when really they are on the run! Still it is true that Kota get’s herself, her friends and family in great danger through her connection with Connelly and even more because of her nosiness.

This book is Alexis Cains first and she did a great job on it! I love the story, the characters, the places and all of her ideas – they all are so very different from the stories I’ve known!
Her writing style is very pleasant to read and rich in details – so that you can imagine everything easily without it being too much distraction from the plot.
The book is also the first in a series, with the second being work in progress. As in many series I imagine it was “just” the (absolutely brilliant) warm-up for the real deal and a few more revelations to come and I for one cannot wait for the second book to be finished and published!!!

Ensuing Darkness (3/27/13 by Jacquelyn Smith on Amazon)

I am giving this book 5 stars WOW!! no rush I can’t without you love scenes!

Ensuing Darkness is the story of Kota. She finds herself in a fight that shakes her to
the core, after the Peters moves to town.

Her friends will protect her with life, but can she save them from the darkness that is after her ?

This story is well define with action and a all around fun read.

P.S paranoromal readers will loves this……

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