Enticing Darkness #2

Still working on blurb, sorry!

Untitled Darkness #3

No spoilers.

Untitled Darkness #4

No spoilers.

Evanescent Darkness Novella #1

The Peters backstory.

Evanescent Darkness Novella #2

About secret couple.

Detective Shields series: Untitled #1

New Adult Dark Fantasy about my very own Luminite species.

Cursed Series: Untitled #1

New Adult Paranormal Romance that transcends time.

Red Rebel Diaries: Untitled #1

Novella series, Contemporary Romance. About a wild rebellious girl trying to get out of a small town and dealing with a lot of drama along the way. Scandals, romance, unrequited love, and sarcasm. Everything a great drama series needs.

P.S. Some scenes are based on real-life events.

Atlas Academy: Untitled #1

YA Spies

Wolfe Diaries (Working Title) #1

Shaylynn Wolfe is a biologist who investigates mysterious places and sightings around the globe. A Paranormal Investigation series from a scientific perspective.

Atlantis (Working Title)

Just a fun idea where I put two very unlikely things together to see what happens. A dystopian futuristic series. Two words… steampunk mermaids.


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